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You pay too much and, additionally, you are 100% dependent on the system in which electricity prices increase and you cannot rely on supply stability.

Constantly rising prices of electricity, gas and coal in the years 2000 – 2014 (CSO):

You stop being a CONSUMER – a recipient of electrical energy, and become a PROSUMER – a professional/producer + consumer of electrical energy.

Since 1 July 2016, a new support system for photovoltaic micro-installations (with capacity of up to 40 kW) has been applicable in Poland.

It is the so-called discount system. What does it consist in?

The energy generated by your Photovoltaic Power Station, which is not consumed immediately for your own needs, can be transferred to the power grid.

When your Photovoltaic Power generates no or too little electrical energy to meet your ongoing needs (e.g. in the evening or winter), in turn, you can take the already transferred energy from the power grid back.

Thus, the power grid managed by the Distribution System Operator (DSO) becomes your “energy storage.”

In compensation for storing the energy in the grid, however, you have to “leave” a portion of your energy at the energy seller’s disposal. This means that you can take back the energy you have sent to the grid in:

  • 80% – when the installation capacity is up to 10 kW,
  • 70% – when the installation capacity is above 10 kW and below 40 kW.

Energy generation from PV / energy consumption at home

When purchasing a photovoltaic installation that is well-matched to your needs, the energy surplus generated by the power station in the months with the highest number of sunny days will be consumed in the autumn/winter season.

Since it is possible to take back 80% or 70% of energy from the grid, the optimum capacity of your photovoltaic installation is 120%-130 % of your annual demand for electrical energy.

You may “take back” the electrical energy you “store” in the power grid within a year from the day on which you transferred it to the grid (the time-limit is counted from the date of meter reading evidencing its transfer to the grid).

The order of energy consumption with demand exceeding the current energy generation from the installation:

1. Ongoing consumption of the energy generated from your photovoltaic installation (in real time).
2. Taking the energy “stored” in the power grid back.
3. Purchase of the energy from the grid on the current conditions.

Example of annual Household demand 6 500 kWh

Comment: the 6 kWh installation will be more likely to generate 5,400 kWh.
Comment 2: The surplus may not be sold, it is left for future periods and is lost after a year.

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