Build your independence

Is energy independence possible?

In Caldoris, we believe that you can be energy independent in up to 80%:

  • up to 30% – due to generating your own energy, e.g. in your Photovoltaic Power Station
  • another 20% – due to introducing an energy management system in your company
    You can install equipment tasked with maximising the energy efficiency in your company. Additionally, using the energy generated by your Photovoltaic Power Station will enable improvement of the electrical energy quality parameters, which will reduce the number of equipment failures.
  • additional 30% – owing to the possibility to store energy
    You can store the energy generated in your Photovoltaic Power Station in a battery and use it whenever you need it. Also in the case of a power grid outage.

If you currently pay PLN 200 thousand per year for electricity, building 80% of your independence will allow you to save PLN 160 thousand and allocate it to business development!


Start building your energy independence with Caldoris.


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