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Micro CHP Station

Micro CHP station is a small stand-alone device which, when combusting gas, at the same time generates power and heat

Micro Combined Heat And Power Station (micro CHP station) – why does it pay off?

Heat and power are generated in a Micro Combined Heat And Power Station at a significantly lower price owing to the fact that all this takes place in one process, the so-called cogeneration.

Simultaneous generation of electrical energy and heat is a much more efficient use of fuel than if both these energies are generated separately. Generation of power and heat from traditional sources requires even 2/3 times more fuel than their generation by the Micro Combined Heat And Power Station.

See how it pays off!

Additional equally significant benefits of having a Micro Combined Heat And Power Station include:

  • no need to incur costs of electrical energy losses in the transmission and distribution grids,
  • reduction of pollution emissions arising from a lower quantity of the combusted fuel,
  • possibility to have a fully independent power and heat source: if there is no voltage in the distribution grid, the Micro Combined Heat And Power Station can work like a generator and supply energy to your Company on a continuous basis.

Your own Micro Combined Heat And Power Station – how can we help you?

Your own Company uses external sources of power and traditional heat production (a furnace powered with domestic gas or another fuel).

Caldoris will fund the purchase and assembly of the micro CHP station. You do not need to invest your own funds and you have a stand-alone source of power and heat at your disposal from the very beginning.


After 5 years, you can become the owner of state-of-the-art equipment which generates heat and power at the same time for even 1 zloty*.

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