Protect the natural environment

Fossil fuel resources are not renewable and are diminishing at an extremely fast pace. Smog kills and causes incurable diseases in an increasing number of people. The dynamics of the adverse human impact on the natural environment is growing at an alarming rate.
Since 1970, the worldwide energy consumption has doubled – it is estimated that it could even triple by 2030. Therefore, leaders of the majority of countries agree that CO2 emission must be reduced significantly, at least halved, primarily in order to prevent global temperature growth, which could result in irreversible climate changes.

Analyses carried out by scientists provide unambiguous evidence that if countries took no measures, the global temperature would increase by 4.5°C on average by 2100.

Modern solutions in the area of renewable energy sources are one of the main ideas for slowing down global warming. When applying innovative technologies, we contribute to considerable improvement of the condition of the natural environment and seek to demonstrate an efficient alternative for “dirty” ways of obtaining energy, which are commonly used these days.
In Caldoris, we believe that our investments in renewable energy sources not only help protect the natural environment but also contribute to developing the civilisation and improving resource management efficiency.

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