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Subscription for savings

Currently 100% of your energy comes from external sources

If you buy Photovoltaic Power Station subscription from Caldoris:

  • you do not waste time on seeking sources of funding on your own – we buy and assemble the installation for your Company
  • the investment does not require creditworthiness verification by the bank and does not encumber the Company’s balance sheet
  • you pay a monthly subscription fee which is not subject to indexation
  • after contract termination, you will become the owner of modern equipment, which operates for 25 years with the efficiency of over 80%
  • you save on electrical energy from the first day, you improve the stability of your internal business grid
  • you protect the natural environment by reducing CO2 emission (link do ochrony środowiska)

You can choose between two cooperation variants:

  • a subscription fee payable in 36 instalments and take-over of installation ownership after only 3 years,
  • a subscription fee payable in 60 instalments and take-over of installation ownership after 5 years,

After contract termination,

the ownership of the photovoltaic installation is transferred to the Company at no extra charge and the installation brings real savings by generating electrical energy for at least next 20 years.

See how it pays off!

The subscription fee includes:

  • Selection, order and funding of the photovoltaic installation purchase by Caldoris.
  • Delivery and unloading of photovoltaic panels and support structures.
  • Assembly of support structures and assembly of photovoltaic panels on them in compliance with Polish standards and building practice.
  • Delivery and assembly of inverter(s). A set of protective devices on the alternate current side.
  • Construction of the service connection of the photovoltaic installation to the Customer’s existing electrical wiring.
  • Commissioning and start-up of the PV installation and delivery of training to the Owner in elementary operation of the installation.
  • Restoration of the pre-assembly condition of the assembly site.
  • Preparation and delivery to the Customer of the documentation required for submitting an application for connection to the power grid.
  • Technical service and warranty repairs.

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